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S.S India Foods Pvt. Ltd. is a leading provider of high grade quality pulses (Urad dal, Moong dal, Masoor dal, Chana dal, Toor dal and more) and flours (Besan, Whole wheat chakki atta, Sattu, etc.).

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Healthy Flours

Our Products


Masoor Dal


Deepak Brand Masri dal is probably the most commonly used dal in India.


Our company is a recognized name in supplying a premium quality Red Lobia & White Lobia.


Chana dal can be easily digested and provides essential amino acid for your daily protein intake.

Regular Flours


Deepak Chakki Fresh Atta is made from premium quality wheat obtained through the traditional chakki grinding process.


Deepak Makki Atta is prepared by pounding the best quality maize in the most hygienic manner.


Deepak Maida is made from finely ground and carefully sourced wheat grains by utilizing the latest technology as per the quality standards.

Sugar Products

Jaggery Powder

Jaggery Powder from Deepak Brand is a pure, natural sweetener that is fee from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Mishri Dana

Mishri Dana from Deepak Brand is known for its purity and rich taste. Sprinkle it on your sweet dishes and enjoy the real taste in every bite.


Add sweetness and health to your diet by Deepak Jaggery. It can be substituted for white sugar.



Savour the healthy and nutritious Peanuts of premium quality from Deepak Brand. Enjoy this snack as a namkeen.


Deepak Corn is a great source of energy and taste. You can add it to your soups and salads.

Roasted Chana

Experience the goodness of taste and health with Deepak Brand’s Roasted Chana without Husk.

Healthy Flours

Urad Atta

Urad Atta by Deepak brand has been prepared from premium quality graded grains. They are packed with the essential nutrients and provide a unique taste to the rotis.

Ragi Atta

Ragi Atta from Deepak Brand is filled with the nutrition of Finger Millet. It keeps you full and helps in weight loss. It serves as an equally nutritious and tasty alternative to the regular wheat flour.

Jwar Atta

Deepak Jowar Atta is filled with the goodness of organic jowar flour that helps in faster and easier digestion. Prepare lip smacking Dosa and Idli with it. You can also use it to make rotis as an alternative to wheat flour.

Other Items

Pasta Spiral

Enjoy the Pasta Spiral from Deepak Brand derived from natural whole wheat. Their spiral shape enables it to lock the flavor inside the pasta.


Use Deepak Sabudana to prepare nutritious dishes like Sabudana Khichdi, Kheer, Vada. Get a heavy dose of energy and taste even while fasting.


Deepak Vermicelli also known as Sevaiyan, is a treat for everyone. Prepare Kheer and Pulav out of it and enjoy.

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colour and taste

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